Good to know

In order to join ROPN-IX you must make sure to:
  • Publish your complete contact details and keep them updated in the IXP Manager zone.
  • Use an active email address in order to receive updates and notifications about ROPN-IX.
  • Not take any action that may result in damaging/disrupting other customers’ services.
  • Not carry out any kind of illegal activity through ROPN-IX.
  • Not publish/share any kind of confidential correspondence between you and ROPN-IX.
In order to join ROPN-IX you must make sure that:
  • You have an AS Number regisered with RIPE (for EU) or the appropriate RIR authority for your country.
  • You have all networks announced registered in the RIR database with proper IRR.
  • You don’t proxy-arp on any peering vLANs.
  • Only respond to ARP requests for the address which they have been assigned.
  • Only use one source mac-address on the pyshical connection they have with ROPN-IX.
  • You announce the same set of routes to the RS that you’d normally advertise to a regular peer via ROPN-IX.
  • Your use of ROPN-IX services are not detrimental to other members use.
  • You must not install sniffers or similar software/devices for traffic passing through ROPN-IX.
Supported ethertypes
  • IPv4 – 0x0800
  • IPv6 – 0x08dd
  • ARP – 0x0806
Forbidden protocols
  • DHCP, MOP, ARP Proxy
  • and any kind of L2 keepalive

Even if we do not directly support tunneled interfaces, you might still be able to join the IX for hobby/experimental purposes with a VM, as a resold customer of LayerBridge.

For pricing and specs, please refer to this URL: ROPN-IX VM

ROPN-IX is meant to be an open internet exchange for everyone. Even if it is legally represented by LayerBridge, the ROPN-IX project is not intended to be a commercial project, so it’s main purpose is just to interconnect networks, not to make money by interconnecting networks.
However, some facilities may require some fees for cross connects. Those fees must be paid by the joining member for both ends.

All amounts earned from services’ monthly fees will be used only for purchasing different required networking items (such as SFP+ Transceivers, FO Cables … etc.) or upgrading existing items to ensure the best performance for the IXP Project.

  • Membership fees for joining ROPN-IX: None
  • First Gbit or 10GbE Port: Free
  • Additional Gbit Port: €25/mo
  • Additional 10GbE Port: €125/mo

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